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Local Agricultural Business Platform

LocalAgro is an international agricultural business platform designed for local food market participants and equipped with a wide range of communication and search tools that provide a full range of services for business relations. The platform based on blockchain technologies and designed to simplify business processes and cut out the intermediary between the food producer and consumer.

LocalAgro is an ecosystem for producers and consumers of food products created based on many years of experience of professionals in the agro industry. The platform will become a simple and convenient mechanism for conducting transactions for the sale of food products ranging from small volumes, including deliveries to the final consumer, to bulk parties in the local market to meet the needs of entire regions.

At its core, our platform is a kind of Uber for the agro-industrial market with all facilities for direct relations between suppliers and consumers of food products and services based on mobile services with decentralized components.

Our mission is to build direct relationships between agro-producers and consumers, using the latest technology.



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