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Frozen Beef Meat & Beef Cuts

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we offer frozen boneless beef/ buffalo meat that is as per the requirements of our esteemed clients. we sell quality beef meat and at very moderate prices which is appreciated by our clients.

product specification:

processed frozen beef meat
style: frozen
freezing process: bqf
feature: boneless
part: all parts
product type: red meat

frozen temperature:
- blasted at: minus 40 degrees celsius
- storage at: minus 20 degrees celsius.
- temperature during transportation: minus 18 degrees celsius

frozen beef/ buffalo meat parts available: silver side, thick flank, top side, rump steak, shin shank; trimmings, fore quarter rolls, thick flank, knuckle, rump steak. also heart, liver, kidney, tongue, tail, cheek meat, omasum.
buffalo tongue, buffalo reticulum, buffalo salted omassum, buffalo aorta, buffalo diaphragm, buffalo rumen, buffalo neck, buffalo intestine.

we are producers of red meat in shape of carcass or boneless drawn

from goat, lamb, cow or buffalo. cattles are purchased from various places all
over the country and then brought to our slaughter house for cutting and either
chilling or freezing. each animal is inspected by qualified veteranian doctor
for any disease before slaughtering. our
designated slaughter houses are approved by many countries health & vet
departments for cleanliness and following the procedures. our slaughter house is
iso 22000 certified which covers haccp as well. we follow islamic principals
for slaughtering animals the halal way.

the meats are of the highest standards in quality & taste as
we buy the finest of the home grown, grass fed cattle due to our highly
experienced staff who have many years of experience in slaughtering the animal
in islamic way and drawing the best meats.
all animals are free of all diseases.

we can offer you:

halal goat carcass
halal lamb/ sheep/ mutton carcass
halal beef carcass
halal boneless beef
halal buffalo carcass
halal boneless buffalo
halal veal
halal buffalo carcass
halal whole frozen chicken and its parts
all above are available in chilled or frozen forms and in any
weights and sizes in both male and female animals. beef & buffalo carcasses can also be
supplied in halves or four quarters with bone in.

for more information, please contact us.


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